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Get your email subject line right if you want to be taken seriously

I’ve always said that, right or wrong, people judge you based on your writing skills. So today’s post focuses on one specific kind of business writing – yes, email! While there are many situations where email is not the best

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The bottom-line impact of poor writing

I’ve said it before – People judge you based on your writing skills. Turns out it isn’t just your character that is at stake, it’s also the bottom line profitability of your organization! Today I am fortunate to have my

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Empty Your Email Inbox and Fill Your Team – Part I

Deri Latimer is a business colleague, a good friend, AND an expert in positive possibilities for people! So I am thrilled that she has agreed to be our guest blogger for both posts this week. Almost every leader I’ve met

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A disappointing interaction with Kraft highlights an important component of written communication

Form letters – we all use them, mainly because it makes life easier. After all, it’s a lot simpler to “cut and paste” a canned response to questions that are asked frequently. But … and this is a big BUT

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People judge you based on your writing skills!

The quality of your business writing impacts what people think about your intelligence, competence and even integrity. Make sure that you are conveying the right impression.

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One tip to get the results you want from your emails

By asking and answering one very important question before you write, you can greatly reduce the likelihood that your email will get lost in your recipient’s inbox clutter.

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