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Do men and women have the same approach to taking risks?

In her book Lean In, Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg encourages women to “lean in”, to “be more open to taking risks in their careers” since “being risk averse can result in stagnation.”  She suggests that women need to “overcorrect” from

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Breaking bad communication habits – early bird deadline on April 23

Our latest online event – Stop the self-sabotage!  Breaking bad communication habits that are hampering your success – is coming up quickly.  In fact, the early bird deadline to register is almost here – only two more days to take

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Breaking bad communication habits – live online event on April 30

There aren’t many things you can do that will hurt your professional and leadership success more than being an ineffective communicator. Bad communication habits prevent you from conveying your message with clarity and that means that those around you are

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Introverts can be great networkers too!

Introverts need to approach business networking differently in order to make it effective for them. Two specific ideas to get you on your way.

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