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Leading organizational change? Be patient and persistent

My previous strategy on leading successful organizational change was to involve employees early on in the change process.  Today’s tip is a continuation of that idea.  Be patient and persistent with your employees when implementing organizational change. Be patient and

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Successfully leading organizational change

As a leader, you are an agent of organizational change.  It could be new processes or products, new software, or an organizational change in structure or focus simply to remain competitive and viable in your industry.  My point is that

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Change management is akin to journeying on a bus

For any kind of organizational change – procedural, structural, or technological – to be successful, three key players must be involved: the champion, the change manager, and the employees and/or stakeholders who have to accept and implement the change.  This

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Positive change doesn’t come from watching, it comes from doing

I often blog about the difficulties that arise when trying to make positive change, both at a personal and professional level, most recently in this post – Leading change you don’t agree with? Rise above your emotions.  So here is

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Leading change you don’t agree with? Rise above your emotions

I frequently blog about leading change, and in the past I’ve explained how people’s reaction to change follows a classic model (How to manage change in the workplace).  What happens though if you are responsible for leading and implementing change

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Leaders: want to stay relevant? Challenge the status quo

I’ve blogged in the past about the importance of pushing for change when you’re a leader. See Implementing change should be like shaking a champagne bottle and Survival depends on how you transform to fit your environment. And this is

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