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When you shift your perspective, you acknowledge other viewpoints (which is a good thing)

A couple of weeks ago, this interesting photo popped up on my news feed with the intriguing question – Is this cat walking up or down the stairs? Before I give you the definitive answer at the end of this

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Implementing change should be like shaking a champagne bottle

As we kick off the new year, people everywhere make promises, to themselves and others, to make changes. Whether it’s in the professional or personal arena, the start of a brand new year always seems like a good time to

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Discomfort is normal in change management

Liz Weber is my business colleague, a friend, and has previously written a guest post on this blog (Unable to delegate effectively? You may be the reason).  She also pens her own blog and this recent post about change management

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What does it take to overcome resistance to change?

Last year I wrote this blog post about resistance to change – How can you get people to change before it becomes a crisis situation? – and I summarized the “burning platform” story in Daryl Connor’s book Managing at the

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So what does a crisis really mean?

Several years ago, while at several speaking engagements in China, one of my participants showed me how words in Mandarin Chinese are often combinations of several characters that also have independent meanings.  An example in English would be the word

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Change is integral to survive, in fact to thrive!

In my last blog post, I wrote about the predictability of people’s responses to negative change, and how leaders could use that information to lead change initiatives. Today’s blog post continues on that theme, and it was prompted by the

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