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How to manage change in the workplace

If you’re a supervisor or manager then you don’t need me to tell you that workplaces today are changing exponentially – you’re living it!  Resources are fewer, yet you and your staff are being asked to accomplish more tasks, give

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How can you get people to change before it becomes a crisis situation?

The metaphor of the “burning platform” emphasizes one of the biggest dilemmas faced by leaders who are trying to effect major change in their organizations or departments.

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A real-life example of successful organizational change

As promised, a second guest post from Rob, Senior VP at a major oil and gas company. He shares a real-life example of how to implement change successfully.

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How do you bring about successful organizational change today?

Rob, Senior Vice President at a major oil and gas company guests on today’s edition of the blog. Key first-hand insights from someone who should know!

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You can’t read the label from inside the bottle – to solve problems, change your perspective

When you get too close to an issue or problem, you can lose sight of the overall goal or perspective. How can you force yourself to step outside the bottle so that you CAN read the label? Join the conversation.

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Create momentum to fuel your change initiative

Use your “early converters” to build momentum and impetus for your change initiatives. Leadership expert Merge Gupta-Sunderji explains.

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