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continuous learning

A sailboat as a metaphor for continuous learning and workplace change

Change in itself is not a bad thing; most of us can deal with change.  In fact, change is good.  It is what lets us accomplish great goals, reach new destinations, and create lasting legacies.  Change ensures continuous learning.  It

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shift your perspective

When you shift your perspective, you can change your reality

I was reminded recently of the importance of being able to shift your perspective as a leader, and a parable about six blind men and an elephant that I first heard when I was a child came to mind. This

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When you shift your perspective, you acknowledge other viewpoints (which is a good thing)

A couple of weeks ago, this interesting photo popped up on my news feed with the intriguing question – Is this cat walking up or down the stairs? Before I give you the definitive answer at the end of this

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You can’t read the label from inside the bottle – to solve problems, change your perspective

When you get too close to an issue or problem, you can lose sight of the overall goal or perspective. How can you force yourself to step outside the bottle so that you CAN read the label? Join the conversation.

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Competitiveness is a barrier to creativity and innovation

Classic research from the 1940s and 1960s illustrates how competition for limited resources actually blocks creativity. Offer your perspective.

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Could your weakness be your competitive advantage?

A doctor’s office has found a way to turn “late appointments” into something positive, to turn a flaw into a benefit. Can we apply the same principle in our organizations?

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