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Are you “present” in your conversations with others?

Last week, I had a frustrating conversation with a business colleague.  During our entire five minutes together, he could barely focus on our exchange.  Instead, he spent the entire time scanning the crowd around me, seemingly more interested in what was happening in adjacent conversations than in our short discussion.  Now to be fair to him, this dialogue occurred at the national convention for the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers in Calgary AB.  Imagine for a moment, 250 plus people in one room at one time, all of whom speak for a living.  The volume on the decibel scale was in the stratosphere, so in hindsight, he might be forgiven for getting distracted.  But at the time, I found it maddening that he couldn’t be “present”, in that moment, in our conversation.  Exasperated, I finally gave up and left when he turned away from me, mid-sentence, to talk to someone else. Continue reading