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Asking is more effective than commanding!

Your words matter! Asking rather than ordering, and then waiting for concurrence goes a long way towards building goodwill.

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effective communication

For effective communication, play more tennis and less golf!

Effective communication must involve two components – delivery and receipt.  It isn’t good enough to deliver a message; unless the message is received as intended, the communication has failed.  Which is why there must be back and forth in communication. 

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compassionate workplaces

In compassionate workplaces, leaders communicate frequently and with transparency

Today’s blog post is another strategy in our ongoing video tip series on creating compassionate workplaces.  And it is: to communicate clearly and with transparency. Communicate clearly and with transparency An essential feature of compassionate workplaces is frequent, clear and

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mixed message

Don’t inadvertently send a mixed message!

Back in October 2015, I wrote one of my regular columns for Profit Magazine on the five-step method for crystal-clear communication.  It focused on how to give directions to employees in a way that they understood and acted – the

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The Importance of Powerful Positive Phrasing

There are many different things which can get in the way of employees acting on a message. And if you’re struggling with trying to get your employees to act on a message, you’ve reached the right place. Today, I’ll be

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If you lead a hybrid team, get better at online delivery

All year, I’ve been sharing video tips and strategies to be a better leader of your virtual or hybrid team.  Today is Strategy #20, our final tip in this video series.  And it is: to work on improving your online

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