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A real-life example of successful organizational change

As promised, a second guest post from Rob, Senior VP at a major oil and gas company. He shares a real-life example of how to implement change successfully.

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How do you bring about successful organizational change today?

Rob, Senior Vice President at a major oil and gas company guests on today’s edition of the blog. Key first-hand insights from someone who should know!

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Leadership that is contrary to popular opinion …

Making unpopular and tough decisions is what exceptional leaders sometimes have to do. Contribute your thoughts and experiences to this discussion on Merge’s blog.

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Conflict is necessary for high-performing teams

Merge’s recent article in Lab Manager magazine addresses the critical importance of healthy workplace conflict in teams.

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Why conflict and disagreement are essential for high-performing teams

Achieving a balance between consensus and conflict; how to avoid the Abilene Paradox and groupthink. Leadership expert Merge Gupta-Sunderji explains.

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Seek agreement and consensus when making changes

The strangler fig is an apt metaphor for how change initiatives in organizations can fail. Leadership expert Merge Gupta-Sunderji explains.

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