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Cultural context is critical in crafting your business messages

Olena Polissky and I met during an international trade and exporting program we both attended, offered by the Vancouver Board of Trade.  She is the managing director of Art One Translations, a full-service translation & localization service provider.  Given her

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Business global communication and the importance of “small talk”

My professional colleague, friend and global communication expert, Tina Varughese last gave us a guest post earlier this summer offering cross-cultural communication tips for women.  So I’m thrilled that I persuaded her to make a repeat appearance on the blog

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Cross-cultural communication tips for women

Tina Varughese is not only an expert on workplace diversity and cross-cultural communication, she’s also my professional colleague and my friend. I am also thrilled that I will be sharing the platform with her later this year at the Customer

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Another outcome of “big is better” that can cause cross-cultural differences

Earlier this week I blogged about the “big is better” mindset that tends to pervade businesses in the United States and Canada, and which can lead to misunderstanding and miscommunications between cultures. This same “big is better” mindset also leads

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The “big is better” mindset can lead to cross-cultural differences

About a month ago I wrote a couple of blog posts about how cross-cultural differences in the workplace can create communication difficulties. My comments back then were about variations in workplace formality and contradictory attitudes about competition. Given that there

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Contradictory attitudes about competition lead to cross-cultural differences

Earlier this week I kicked off a discussion about how cross-cultural differences such as variations in expected levels of formality in the workplace can create communication difficulties. Today I want to offer another example of a cross-cultural difference that can

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