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Exceptional customer service starts with small actions

As leaders, we have the responsibility to nurture and maintain organizations that deliver great customer service – where our employees are responsive to our clients so that they not only have wow experiences that keep them as lifelong customers, but

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A strong organizational culture creates customer loyalty

“Vision, mission and values … those are just meaningless words on a wall poster!  In fact, most employees couldn’t even tell you one-quarter of what the sign says”, scoffs one manager I know. Unfortunately, this is a sentiment that I

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A disappointing interaction with Kraft highlights an important component of written communication

Form letters – we all use them, mainly because it makes life easier. After all, it’s a lot simpler to “cut and paste” a canned response to questions that are asked frequently. But … and this is a big BUT

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Personalized service (even if it’s low-key) attracts customers

About a year ago, I wrote about how Hai de Lao, a popular chain of “hot pot” restaurants in mainland China, has used above-and-beyond personalized customer service to differentiate itself from its competitors. While the Hai de Lao experience is

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What brings your clients back? Is it what you sell or is it your customer service?

The Hai De Lao chain of hot-pot restaurants in China takes the customer experience to a whole new level. Merge shares her first-hand experience and asks a question that leaders everywhere should be asking themselves.

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Never lose sight of your customer

Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos does something atypical to ensure that his leadership team never loses sight of the customer. Find out what …

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