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Some unconventional advice for leading change in your organization

My previous instalment in my video series on leading change focused on the importance of communicating why.  Today’s tip also has to do with communication.  I call it “feed the grapevine”. Feed the grapevine Way back in leading change strategy

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Communicating change? Tell people why!

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted an installment in our ongoing video series on specific actions you can take to better manage your organizational change initiative.  However, I’m back today with another specific strategy, this one

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Reduce resistance to change by helping employees feel like they have control

For the past six weeks, I’ve been offering up specific actions that leaders can take to successfully implement change in organizations.  In my last strategy in this series, I discussed one way to reduce employee’s resistance to change – reduce

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Reducing employee resistance to change – one approach

Following up on last week’s well-received strategy on leading successful change, here is my next piece of advice in this ongoing series, this time on how to overcome resistance to change from your employees.  The reality is that when employees

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Tip #4 in our ongoing video series about successful change management

So I’m back today with another installment in my ongoing video series on strategies you can use to be a more effective change management agent in your organization.  Today’s tip is one that very often gets overlooked, to the detriment

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Strategy #3 for creating successful change in your organization

Two weeks ago, I started a video tip series on strategies that you can use to create successful change in your organization.  Last week’s advice was to be patient and persistent with your employees when implementing organizational change.  Today’s strategy

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