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The piss-off factor: yet another short-sighted stupid action by a well-meaning manager

The Piss-Off Factor (or POF) is something that short-sighted managers do to destroy employee morale, and they come up repeatedly on the blog, usually because they happen more often than they should!  Well, I was just made aware the other

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Trying to motivate your employees? Could you be inadvertently demotivating them?

A while ago, I wrote a blog post titled How to lower productivity and demotivate your workforce that illustrated how process bottlenecks stopped employees from being productive and motivated. And sometimes, managers deliberately and consciously take actions that while logical,

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Five foolproof ways to demotivate your employees

My latest Leadership Lab column in The Globe & Mail is up on their site today. Five foolproof ways to destroy employee morale is about what some managers do to completely destroy their employees’ self-confidence, drag down team morale, and

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A shocking tirade from a company’s CEO – what can the rest of us learn?

Tate Publishing’s CEO Ryan Tate behaves as no leader ever should! Listen to the disturbing audio tape and add your comments to the analysis of what he did wrong.

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A leadership fable about how actions speak louder than words …

This manager doesn’t understand the difference between management and leadership. Do you?

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How to lower productivity and de-motivate your workforce

An unexpected visit to the hospital emergency room shows how process bottlenecks and resource shortages can shrink productivity and de-motivate staff.

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