Category: destroying innovation and creativity

Encourage innovation by deliberately becoming less risk-averse

“I want my staff to be more innovative” is a statement I hear from many leaders. And the question I always ask in response is “Is your culture risk-tolerant or risk-averse?” If you want to encourage more innovation, then your

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To foster innovation, keep negativity at bay

The “Fosbury Flop” teaches us an important lesson about how to create an innovative workplace culture. Merge goes back in Olympic history to illustrate her point

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Competitiveness is a barrier to creativity and innovation

Classic research from the 1940s and 1960s illustrates how competition for limited resources actually blocks creativity. Offer your perspective.

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Are you judging or encouraging?

When you see something unusual or different, do you nurture it or shut it down? An unexpected sight on a recent holiday caused me to ask this question.

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How to rub out innovation and creativity

Saturn provides a real-life case study of how it IS possible to create a different kind of company and a world-class product. Unfortunately, it also demonstrates how to squelch and destroy innovation.

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