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Is persistence and tenacity always a good thing?

Persistence and tenacity in action …

SpiderWebEvery morning as the sun rose, the spider that lived in the large azalea bush on the side of the garden path began the intricate and painstaking task of spinning a web. First he produced a fine thread to drift on a faint breeze across the narrow path towards the other side. When the thread caught on a leaf of the rhododendron bush on the opposite edge of the pathway, the spider felt the change in vibration and reeled it in to tighten the strand. Then he carefully walked along it and strengthened it with a second filament, and a third, and a fourth, and several more, until the thread was strong enough to support the rest of the web. Next he made the Y-shaped netting to create the first three radials and continued to add more radials and cross threads until the web was about 20 times his size. The result: something that was not only beautiful but also a means of survival (that’s how spiders catch their prey). But there was one major problem with this particular web – the spider was building it directly on the garden path, spanning from one side of the path to the other. So every time someone walked down that path, which was at least twice a day, the web was broken.

Yet as I watched, for eight days in a row, every morning, as the sun rose, the spider began, once again, the intricate and painstaking task of spinning a web. Continue reading