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inclusive language

Using inclusive language is not difficult

Emily Nichols is my professional colleague.  She is also an engineer who loved working in factories, but she didn’t always love being “one of the guys”.  She reminds us that words become habits, language evolves, and we control them both.

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diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion is good, but “belonging” is better

There is a well-known quote by diversity and inclusion expert Verna Myers that says “Diversity is being invited to the party.  Inclusion is being asked to dance.”  And it is a statement that has resonated with me for many years

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Are you creating an inclusive workplace?

Two moving speeches remind Merge about the importance of creating inclusive workplaces. What are you doing to create such an environment?

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Leadership lessons from the Papa Johns’ debacle

Papa Johns’ recent PR nightmare offers at least three lessons to leaders in any organization. Do you have any learnings to add to the list? Post your comments on the Turning Managers Into Leaders blog.

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