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Are you creating an inclusive workplace?

cpaeLast week I attended a convention in Philadelphia, but as an attendee, not a speaker!  It was the annual gathering of my American professional colleagues, all members of the National Speakers’ Association, and it was a great opportunity for me to rekindle relationships, swap “road” stories, and leave rejuvenated and refreshed.  Even though I am Canadian, the close proximity of our two countries means that I have many amongst their ranks that I consider my good friends.  As is tradition in their association, on the final evening of the convention, five speakers were recognized and honoured by their peers by admission into the American Speaker Hall of Fame.  As the winners were announced, each came up on stage and (as you might expect :)) gave a very moving speech of acceptance.  What struck me the most was the similarity of two of their stories. Continue reading

Leadership lessons from the Papa Johns’ debacle

You might have already read about the public relations nightmare that Papa Johns, the international fast-food pizza chain, faced recently.  But if you haven’t …

Last Monday, on January 7, Minhee Cho stopped in to pick up a pizza at a Manhattan location of this chain.  The young cashier rang in the sale, and then typed in a description on the receipt to identify the customer.  The description – “lady chinky eyes”.  Ms. Cho, not surprisingly, was a tad bit offended and posted a picture of the receipt on her Twitter account with the following text: Hey @PapaJohns just FYI my name isn’t “lady chinky eyes”.  Also not surprisingly, the photo went viral.  In fact, last I checked, it had been viewed 244,843 times.

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