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virtual team meetings

10 Ways to make virtual team meetings engaging and fun

Does the thought of having to get on to yet another virtual team meeting exhaust you?  If so, you’re not alone.  Many a person is contemplating the idea of (at least temporarily) boycotting all forms of electronic communication.  The irony

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productive meetings

For amazingly productive meetings, switch to “public action minutes”

In our last video blog in our series on productivity tools for leaders, I gave you one idea on how to have useful and productive meetings.  Specifically, to issue an agenda using a four-column format.  Today, I’m continuing on that

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loss of productivity

One practical tip to eliminate loss of productivity in meetings

One of the biggest complaints I hear from leaders is about their loss of productivity due to the time they spend in meetings.  Most leaders attend more than 60 meetings a month.  Research shows that over 90% of meeting goers

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For effective meetings, hold a “wall” meeting

Earlier this week I blogged about “ball” meetings – a very useful technique to run more effective meetings.  Today, I want to tell you about another approach – “wall” meetings.  In a wall meeting, no one can sit down; everyone

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For effective meetings, hold “ball” meetings

You’ve no doubt attended your fair share of business meetings; in fact, if you’re in a formal leadership role, you’ve probably called a few yourself.  Given how pervasive meetings are in today’s world of work, you’d think that people would

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Four questions to ask yourself before you call or attend a meeting

As a leader, time is one of your most precious resources. Guard it fiercely when it comes to meetings!

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