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Active listening can be accomplished by asking questions

Active listening is a learned skill, one that gets better with use and practice.  And being a good active listener comes with rewards – not only does it give you more information on which to base your decisions and actions,

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Empathetic listening can be difficult

Now THIS is a funny video … Now some of you will question whether the video is sexist; perhaps (I thought it was funny).  Nevertheless, if you can set that possibility aside, it also illustrates something that I observe often

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Sometimes leaders need to stop talking and just listen

Because of your leadership position, your subordinates will not always speak up, even when they have something important to say. How can you overcome this?

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Paraphrasing creates better working relationships

Want to improve your empathetic listening skills? Be aware of the four levels of paraphrasing. Examples provided!

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Good listening is a learned skill

Practice makes perfect! Just like any other skill, your ability to be a good listener gets better the more you work at it. Workplace communication expert Merge Gupta-Sunderji explains.

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Good listening: be aware of mental and physical barriers that can get in the way

What gets in the way of effective listening? Many things, but three mental and physical barriers top the list. Workplace communication expert Merge Gupta-Sunderji explains.

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