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employee acknowledgement

When it comes to employee acknowledgement, what message are you sending?

The topic of employee acknowledgement comes up often in my leadership development practice.  Specifically, the point of view that advocates that the paycheque we give our employees is the best recognition we can give them for a job well done. 

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motivating your employees

“One size doesn’t fit all” when it comes to motivating your employees!!

As regular readers know, the topic of motivating your employees comes up often here on the blog.  I am repeatedly gobsmacked at how some managers are absolutely clueless as to what it takes.  Really, it isn’t that hard, or at

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The art of acknowledgement: the power of workplace recognition

My latest column in The Globe and Mail is about the importance and art of acknowledgement in the workplace.  I have always told leaders that taking the time to recognize, appreciate and thank your people generates a tremendous return on

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compassionate leaders

Compassionate leaders celebrate successes and show appreciation

Today’s blog post is another strategy in our ongoing video tips series on what it takes to be more compassionate leaders.  Today is Strategy #9, and it is to make it a point to celebrate successes and show appreciation. Compassionate

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giving credit

Giving credit fairly in a collaborative work environment

One thing I hear often from both leaders and employees is how de-motivating it can be when credit (for an innovative idea, a successful project outcome, or just a job well done) is not given fairly. Invariably, as more and

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become more resilient

One final idea to help your employees become more resilient

Today’s video is the final strategy in our series on specific actions you can take as a leader to help your employees become more resilient.  I’ve been sharing these strategies all year, and I can’t believe that this is the

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