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Separating true leaders from narcissists

Last year, I was a featured expert in a story about narcissists in the workplace, and how one can function effectively with (or despite) them, no matter whether they are your co-workers or your boss.  And certainly, if you follow

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Garbage in, garbage out: poor inputs result in poor outputs

Garbage in, garbage out is a phrase I learned in one of my first-year Computer Science classes, back in my university days.  It was used to express the important concept that incorrect or poor quality input will always produce faulty

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Hire for attitude, not skills

When it comes to recruiting employees, I always say that I would much rather hire for attitude rather than for skills.  You see, for the most part, skills are teachable … but a positive can-do attitude is either there or

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A social media success story that leaders can learn from

LinkedIn is a valuable tool for employers and employees A young professional male I know was laid off from his job due to the economic recession in Alberta.  For over a year, he had been actively seeking new employment.  While

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Why new hires can be a huge advantage to your team

I was working with a group of supervisors and managers recently and one of them said something that caught my attention, only because it’s something I don’t hear very often. She said “I just love it when a new employee

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Getting the best from your interns

Five specific must-do’s to make the intern experience positive for all. What’s missing? Add yours to the list.

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