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How to keep your best people? Buffer them from bureaucracy

Last week I started a short series on how to keep your best people from jumping ship to the competition. My first suggestion: give sincere praise, often. Today’s post is another practical (and very effective) idea – buffer them from

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How to keep your best people? Give sincere praise, often

How do I keep my best people from walking out the door? This question comes up quite often in my practice from leaders in client organizations, particularly when the economy is on the upswing. Despite the current economic climate in

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Engage your Millennials by actively supporting volunteerism

In my book Generations Exposed: Unexpected Insights Into the People You Work With, I’ve highlighted how civic duty, the environment, and making a tangible difference (beyond monetary profit) in the world is important to Millennials.  So it’s not surprising that

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How to reduce employee turnover

When companies talk about sustainability, normally they are referring to financial health.  But it’s just as important to build strength and sustainability in your workforce as it is to build it on your balance sheet.  And it’s a leader’s job

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Employee volunteer programs increase employee engagement

Research shows that volunteer projects taken on by groups of employees encourage teamwork, improve communication, promote leadership and other skill development, enhance employee loyalty and retention, increase job satisfaction and morale, and even improve productivity and on-job-performance. With all these

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Getting the greatest return on investment (ROI) from your people

Four areas of “people spending” that increases employee engagement — Merge’s latest article in CGA Magazine tells you more.

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