Category: employee retention

High employee turnover – a possible reason (a leadership lesson from Kitchen Nightmares)

A leadership lesson from the popular reality TV show “Kitchen Nightmares”? Yes really! Add your insights.

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Holding on to your best and brightest employees – live audio event on February 6

Feb 6: one power-packed hour; learn specific actions that you can take to prevent your finest talent from walking out the door.

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What is your biggest challenge when it comes to employee retention?

Ask your questions about how to hold on to your best and brightest employees. PLUS download a free article with seven tactics on keeping top performers motivated and energized.

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Would you change how you interacted with your employees if they were volunteers?

What makes volunteers engaged, committed and involved? Could we get our employees to feel the same way? Leadership expert Merge Gupta-Sunderji draws the parallels.

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People Don’t Quit Bad Jobs, They Quit Bad Environments

What causes people to quit their jobs? And why should you care if you’re a leader? An employee’s perspective on the Turning Managers Into Leaders blog.

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