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Why new hires can be a huge advantage to your team

I was working with a group of supervisors and managers recently and one of them said something that caught my attention, only because it’s something I don’t hear very often. She said “I just love it when a new employee

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Insist that your employees be problem solvers, not problem identifiers

Some employees are serial “problem identifiers” – they’re very good at telling you what’s wrong. Whether they’re talking about a process, a person, another department, or even their own jobs, they’re adept at pinpointing and vocalizing what is amiss. But

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Giving credit fairly in a collaborative work environment

One thing I hear often from both leaders and employees is how de-motivating it can be when credit (for an innovative idea, a successful project outcome, or just a job well done) is not given fairly. Invariably, as more and

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Unable to delegate effectively? You may be the reason.

Liz Weber is not only a respected business colleague and a friend, but also an in-demand coach and consultant to executive teams who need help with strategic planning, succession planning, and leadership team development.  And of course, I’m thrilled to

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Who are you ignoring? (or why it’s so important to acknowledge everyone around you)

A brief chance encounter in an Indian movie theatre illustrates a fundamental principle of leadership that separates exceptional leaders from everyone else. Don’t let its simplicity fool you; it’s more powerful than you may realize!

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Holding on to your best and brightest employees – live audio event on February 6

Feb 6: one power-packed hour; learn specific actions that you can take to prevent your finest talent from walking out the door.

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