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Self-awareness: yet another inadvertent action that can jeopardize your credibility

Portrait Of A Bored Young Businesswoman At WorkLast week I blogged about self-awareness, and shared one example (glancing at the clock while talking to someone) of how your inadvertent actions can send a wrong message.  I had promised to give you one more and here it is – slouching.  Slouching is a sign of disrespect.  It doesn’t matter if your intentions are the polar opposite; the message it communicates (right or wrong) is that you’re bored and have no desire to be there.  When you slouch, your body tells the world that you’re apathetic and couldn’t care less.  And if that’s not what you really meant, your lack of self-awareness has just jeopardized your working relationship with your employee, your co-worker, or even worse, your boss. Continue reading

Self-awareness: realizing that your inadvertent actions can send a wrong message

Office worker looking at a wall clockSelf-confidence is a critical component of emotional intelligence, and leaders need to always have the self-awareness to walk a fine line between confidence and arrogance.  But there are many other aspects to self-awareness as well, and a very important one is being alert to how your unintentional actions or behaviour can communicate a message you never intended.

Here’s one – have you ever glanced at your watch or at the clock during a conversation with someone else?  Chances are you meant no harm, you were just checking to make sure that you weren’t late for another meeting, or perhaps you just wanted to know how long before lunch.  But the inadvertent message you are sending, loud and clear, is that you have better things to do than talk to the person you are with, and that you are anxious to leave and get on with something else.  Continue reading