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What does it take to become more persuasive?

Okay, I’m super pumped! Today marks my first column for, the online version of Profit Magazine, a Canadian business magazine aimed at entrepreneurs, focusing on how to find opportunity and seize it, management practices, case studies and access to

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One phrase that can sabotage your credibility

I’ve blogged previously about how we sometimes use phrases that cause us to be viewed by others as tentative, unsure, and hesitant, and thus inadvertently minimize our power, credibility and impact. See Phrases that diminish your power of persuasion. I

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How to persuade and influence senior management

As your skills as an exceptional leader and communicator grow, your level of interaction with your organization’s senior management will increase as well.  You’ll find yourself in situations where your ability to persuade and influence others will stand you in

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Phrases that diminish your power of persuasion

Are you inadvertently sabotaging your power of persuasion by using words that make you seem unsure, hesitant, tentative, or unassertive?  You might be.  Here are some phrases that you should never have in your business vocabulary: I might be wrong

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Getting your ideas across to management

Want to improve your track record in getting your ideas recognized, accepted and implemented? CGA Canada offers a skill-building live webinar to gain greater respect and influence for your ideas.

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Is it better to go fast, or is it better to go farther?

An African proverb provides food for thought when it comes to building synergy and fostering teamwork. Offer your perspectives.

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