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Multi-generational workforce? My new book WILL help!

Today is THE DAY!  The day that my new book Generations Exposed: Unexpected Insights Into the People You Work With officially launches.  If you’re leading a team of employees that range in age anywhere from 20 to 70, then this

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Working with Millennials – take advantage of their questioning and impatient nature

Another way to not only engage and motivate your Millennial workforce, but also capitalize on the skills and strengths that they bring to the table!

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Working with Millennials – be flexible with your schedule

Be willing to adjust your schedule for your Millennials’ social engagements. Say what??!!! Leadership expert Merge Gupta-Sunderji explains.

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Working with Millennials – invite them to get involved

Here’s another way to harness the creativity and adaptability that the Millennial generation brings to the workplace. And everyone benefits!

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Working with Millennials – give them variety (but with structure)

Engaging and motivating this newest generation in the workplace takes a different approach than you might realize. Here’s one specific way that you can tap into and harness their potential.

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Working with Millennials – give them what they need to get the job done

Continuing our series from earlier this week, Merge offers another tip on how to attract and engage your Millennial employees.

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