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Why (negative) feedback is so important (another leadership lesson from “Kitchen Nightmares”)

Last week I blogged about the season finale of Kitchen Nightmares in which host Chef Gordon Ramsay walked away from Samy and Amy Bouzaglo’s failing restaurant, ultimately unable to help them turn things around. Today, I want to reflect on that episode again, but this time with another lesson for leaders. First, watch these two clips from the show.

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High employee turnover – a possible reason (a leadership lesson from Kitchen Nightmares)

BouzaglosOn May 10, the reality TV show Kitchen Nightmares aired its last episode of the season, but it was the first time in the show’s history that its host, noted chef Gordon Ramsay, was unable to help turn around a struggling restaurant. If you haven’t heard about the “crash and burn” of Samy and Amy Bouzaglo of Amy’s Baking Company in Scottsdale, Arizona, then you must have been hibernating in a cave somewhere! But just in case you were, here’s a synopsis:

After the couple’s behaviour and finger-pointing proved too much for even Gordon Ramsay to overcome, he walked off the program saying: “After about 100 Kitchen Nightmares, I met two owners I could not help; it is because they are incapable of listening.” Some of the more unforgettable moments on the show – the couple pocketed all the tips that were earmarked for the waitstaff, admitted to firing more than 100 people over a period of one year, served pre-made frozen ravioli as “fresh, made daily”, and my most memorable: picked a fight with a customer who’d been waiting for his pizza for over an hour and then threatened to call the police if he did not pay for his (still not received) pizza before he left. And once the episode had aired, the couple went certifiably insane when it started responding to comments posted on their social media accounts, insulting people and using profanity. Continue reading