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Crisis leadership – who’s doing it well, and how

In times of crisis, leadership is tested. And how you behave in difficult circumstances is what will ultimately define you as a leader. The COVID-19 pandemic is a living case study of how to lead (or not) in the face

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If you discourage honest and open communication, you may get a Potemkin village!

As leaders, it is critical that we foster an environment that encourages and supports honest and open communication between team members.  And creating the right workplace atmosphere that encourages these types of behaviours starts with us.  I’ve blogged previously about

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What does it take to become more persuasive?

Okay, I’m super pumped! Today marks my first column for, the online version of Profit Magazine, a Canadian business magazine aimed at entrepreneurs, focusing on how to find opportunity and seize it, management practices, case studies and access to

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Use the company grapevine to your advantage

My latest column in The Globe & Mail‘s Leadership Lab series is out today! Make the company grapevine work for you Today’s focus is on the company grapevine (also known as the rumour mill and bush telegraph) which causes so

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What does it take to “connect” with your employees?

A homeless man in Hawaii uses honesty and humour to better connect with people. Is there a lesson here for leaders? Weigh in with your opinion.

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Three things that will make you persuasive

Learn how to bring others over to your point of view. Leadership expert Merge Gupta-Sunderji explains the “triple threat” of persuasiveness.

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