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Five ways to jump start a culture shift in your organization

Earlier this week, my professional colleague and buddy Michael Kerr wrote a guest piece titled Creating culture shift.  I promised he’d be back with a follow-up piece and here it is – five ways to jump-start a cultural shift in

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Creating culture shift

Michael Kerr is my professional colleague (and a good friend) who helps companies create more inspiring workplace environments.  He’s a busy guy though; in fact the last time he guested on the Turning Managers into Leaders blog was four years

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Motivating workers near retirement – 1310 News Radio Ottawa interview

Last month, I posted a link to my latest column in The Globe & Mail‘s Leadership Lab series.  “How to inspire the close-to-retirement employee” got so much attention that it went on to publish in the print edition of The

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How to inspire the close-to-retirement employee

My newest column in The Globe & Mail‘s Leadership Lab series just launched into cyberspace this morning! “How to inspire the close-to-retirement employee” addresses this question that I am often asked in leadership training workshops and mentoring situations — “How

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A strong organizational culture creates customer loyalty

“Vision, mission and values … those are just meaningless words on a wall poster!  In fact, most employees couldn’t even tell you one-quarter of what the sign says”, scoffs one manager I know. Unfortunately, this is a sentiment that I

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Getting the best from your interns

Five specific must-do’s to make the intern experience positive for all. What’s missing? Add yours to the list.

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