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relationship with your boss

Build a stronger working relationship with your boss by jointly setting priorities

For the last couple of posts, I’ve been talking about actions you can take to strengthen your working relationship with your boss.  Earlier this week, it was about building trust through consistency in behaviour and action.  Today I want to

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Stop working on the weekend!

Back in 2011, we conducted a fun informal poll at our website that asked the question: What is your single biggest time waster at work? And the top two answers were Other people and Email. I had that poll in

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If you have too much to do at work, help someone else

Don’t get caught up in competing to show who’s more busy. Instead, get a better outcome by offering to help. Find out how …

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Achieving work-life balance is like juggling many balls

Some balls are made of glass and others are made of rubber, so if you drop them, the result is very different. Leaders, which balls do you focus on keeping aloft? An enlightening metaphor.

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