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A leadership lesson from monarch butterflies

Every fall, millions of monarch butterflies leave their summer homes in Canada and the northern United States and travel over 3,000 miles south to their winter home in the mountains of central Mexico. Even though the journey is long and

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Leadership lessons from ants!

As regular readers of the blog know, I am continually inspired by the lessons in leadership that come to us from the animal kingdom.  In the past, I’ve written about bald eagles, sea otters, goldfish, and penguins, among many others.

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Leadership lessons from the American bald eagle

I am continually amazed by the insightful leadership lessons that can be learned from the animal kingdom; in the past I’ve written about sea otters, goldfish, long-nosed bats, Canada geese, and penguins.  Recently, I had the opportunity to have a

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Leadership lessons from a sea turtle

In September 2012, during a visit to Mt. McKinley in Alaska, I got into a whimsical discussion with a local guide about what leadership advice a mountain might offer, if it could speak. Just recently, during some “up close and

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Leadership lessons from a mountain

A visit to Mt. McKinley brings out a whimsical list of leadership lessons. What can you add to this list?

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Should every leader have a “sweep”?

Leaders can’t be everywhere. So doesn’t it make sense to have a senior experienced person help? A leadership lesson from the world of canoeing.

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