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Influential authority vs positional authority (and the chimpanzee Mike)

The topic of influential authority versus positional authority comes up often in my discussions with leaders.  Not long ago though, it came up in an unexpected context. Recently, I had the opportunity to spend some time with Dr. Birute Galdikas,

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Doing your job or doing your work?

Are you doing your job or are you doing your work?  Job and work.  Is there a difference? Absolutely. A restaurant owner’s job is to produce great food.  But the best restaurants are the ones that also focus on giving

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Don’t set employees up to fail

I often blog about how managers, sometimes inadvertently, set employees up to fail.  Unfortunately, this issue comes up repeatedly.  Which leads me to the opening question in today’s post: if you want to successfully run a marathon, would you do

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5 Reasons Why Accountants Make Great Leaders

I have such exciting news to share today!  I am delighted and honored to announce that I will be one of the regular Opinion columnists for the brand-new website Canadian Accountant that was just launched this week.  Canadian Accountant is

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