Category: Leadership tools

Strategies to deal with workplace negativity

Negative people … they’re in every workplace. As leaders, not only do you have to deal with the toxic nature of negativity in your employees, but you have to resist it yourself.

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What are your critical activities?

No matter the industry or work environment, there are certain activities critical to the long-term success of your organization. Do you know what they are?

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Parallels between military and workplace leadership?

Leadership expert, Merge Gupta-Sunderji listens to General Rick Hillier’s take on military leadership and draws parallels to leadership in the workplace.

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Survey deadline approaching!

If you’re a manager or supervisor, 5 minutes of your time gives you 3 chances to win a Leadership Skills Series CD or mp3, a $197 value! Do it now!

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If it’s fun, will people do it?

Two social experiments demonstrate that the answer is YES. If you’re a manager or leader, can you use this principle to get more things done at work?

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Are you guilty of setting your employees up to fail?

Have you asked your people to get a job done, but then not given them access to the optimal resources and equipment they need? Give people the right tools to get the job done!

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