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Respond calmly by “putting a stone in your mouth”

Being able to respond calmly in the face of anger can be difficult.  A client (who is from the Nisga’a nation) recently shared with me this powerful advice from a Nisga’a elder – “Put a stone in your mouth”.  It

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Picture of man pointing and yelling, showing loss of self control.

Identify Triggers and Keep Your Cool

Leaders have to stay poised and in control, even in trying moments. The first step to doing so is to identify your main triggers. Leadership expert Merge Gupta-Sunderji explains.

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When things are out of control, are they really?

Some things are entirely and wholly out of my control.  Severe weather, for example.  I cannot effect change in the weather.  Whether it’s a sweltering heatwave, a blinding snowstorm, or a stormy hurricane, I can’t make the weather calamity go

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Maintaining your composure – do you react or respond?

I have blogged many times about how important maintaining your composure is for you as a leader, even in trying situations. Doing math, managing your actions, and identifying main triggers have been suggestions I’ve made in the past. Lately, this

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Don’t let your anger send the wrong message to your staff and co-workers

Let’s face it, if you’re in a position of leadership, there are times when your staff (or your peers, or your boss) will do or say stupid things that will drive you nuts, enough that their actions may cause you

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Leave difficult personal issues outside the workplace

When you’re facing a personal crisis or dealing with difficult personal issues, it’s not unusual to want to get it off your chest by venting to others, often the people you work with.  It’s only human!  But … when you’re

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