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Interruptions caused by drop-in visitors at work? Here’s how you manage them

One of the most common reasons people like working out of a home office is that they can focus and concentrate, uninterrupted by those pesky drop-in visitors who just have “a quick question”.  You likely know these people well, probably

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compassionate leadership

Mindful active listening is essential to compassionate leadership

In Strategy #5 in our ongoing video tip series on compassionate leadership, I talked about the importance of asking questions AND listening to the answers.  In today’s tip, I’d like to further explore the value of listening when it comes

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getting stuff done

Difficulty getting stuff done? Block your schedule

Today we’re up to strategy #17 in our ongoing video series on getting stuff done, tools to make leaders more productive in the limited time we seem to have.  Today’s tip is to block your schedule. Block your schedule Blocking

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overcoming procrastination

Trouble overcoming procrastination? Use “the salami technique”

Earlier in this series on productivity tools for leaders, I offered a few ideas on overcoming procrastination.  Specifically, in strategies #7, #8 and #9, I discussed “going public”, using the Zeigarnik Effect, and schedule unappealing tasks 25-minute blocks. Today, I

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boost productivity

To boost productivity, automate information requests

It has been over a month since I’ve added another idea to our current video series on ways for leaders to boost productivity.  So it’s time!  Today’s tip to boost productivity is to automate information requests.  Let me explain. To

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Having trouble getting things done? Kick the telephone and email auto-reaction

In my last strategy earlier this month in our series on getting things done, I told you about the importance of taking control of interruptions, specifically by other people.  But studies show that 44% of interruptions are actually self-induced.  In

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