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When your people feel like they’ve been heard … you get motivated employees

Today is strategy #11 in our continuing series on specific actions you can take as a leader to create productive workplaces characterized by positive, high-performing and motivated employees.  And so what is today’s strategy?  Listen.  Listen intently. Listen intently Making

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Want motivated employees? Don’t forget to thank their supporters

Today’s blog entry continues with our video series on what it takes to create motivated employees.  Two weeks ago I gave you a simple powerful strategy, yet one that is often forgotten – to say thank you.  Today’s tip is

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Employee motivation 101: Say thank you!

Employee motivation tip #8 was to eat together.  In our continuing series of video blogs on this topic, here is another easy tip on increasing employee motivation on your team. Say thank you! Ground-breaking research on employee motivation conducted by

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Employee motivation can be as simple as eating together!

Last week’s tip on employee motivation was to tell people why.  Today’s strategy: eat together.  Food is a very effective motivator! Eat together Yes, I know, this sounds really simple, but it is a very powerful tool in your employee

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Telling people why is a powerful employee motivation tool

Last week, in our continuing series on employee motivation, I shared strategy #6: get to know your people.  Today’s tip: tell people why. Tell people why When you tell people why, when you openly share information with your employees, then

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Highly-motivated employees occur by design: here is strategy #6

What does it take to create highly-motivated employees?  That’s exactly what we’ve been talking about in my current video blog series on specific strategies to inspire, encourage and excite your people – to greater positivity and productivity, to higher performance

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