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Feedforward – stay future-focused when offering feedback

Giving negative feedback to employees is one of the hardest things that leaders have to do, so I often offer up how-to tips and ideas on the blog. One of my (many) past suggestions has been to stay future-focused in

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Five things every leader should know about giving negative feedback

If you’re in a position of formal leadership, then it’s your job to offer feedback, both positive and negative, to your staff. The positive feedback is easy – it’s the thank you’s, the pats of the back, the kudos to

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When giving negative feedback, weigh the tradeoffs

It may actually be wiser to hold back and say nothing. Leadership expert Merge Gupta-Sunderji explains.

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Why (negative) feedback is so important (another leadership lesson from “Kitchen Nightmares”)

Following on last week’s blog post, Merge offers a second leadership lesson from the popular reality show “Kitchen Nightmares”. See the videos and give us your opinion.

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The top five reasons your employees won’t give you feedback

A manager from Canada’s public service is today’s guest blogger on Turning Managers into Leaders. Read her front-line perspective on why employees are reluctant to give their leaders feedback.

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Giving negative feedback? It is possible to do it and actually boost an employee’s spirit!

One very powerful language technique to give negative feedback BUT in such a way that it actually is perceived as positive by the employee. Explained by leadership expert Merge Gupta-Sunderji.

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