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Tip #2 to keep in mind as a first-time supervisor

Moving into the new role of a first-time supervisor comes with challenges, many of which stem from not recognizing that you have fundamentally changed occupations.  I posted a video blog last week that offered one very important reminder when you

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First-time supervisor? Here’s an important reminder

When you become a first-time supervisor or a first-time team leader, you have to be VERY aware that for all practical purposes, you are essentially changing occupations.  This is true even if you’re becoming the supervisor of a department you

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Another common new supervisor “trap” to watch out for

Earlier this week, I addressed a question that I was asked during a recent leadership development training program for a new supervisor group. In this same program, a second question that was asked of me by a participant was this

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Don’t fall into this new supervisor trap

About a year and a half ago, I did a short series of blog posts on the common mistakes made by first-time leaders.  I was reminded of those just recently when working with a group of relatively new supervisors at

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Common first time leader mistake – thinking you can be everything to everyone all the time

For the last two weeks, I’ve been doing a short series on the blog about common leadership mistakes made by many a first time leader. So far, I’ve blogged about thinking you can control your staff, assuming the title means

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Common first time leader mistake – trying to be best friends with the team

Last week I wrote a couple of blog posts about the most common mistakes made by first time leaders – thinking you can control your staff and assuming the title means respect – and I had promised a couple more

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