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Overcome workplace negativity by letting people take action and gain control

Last week I offered up one idea on a specific action leaders can take to address workplace negativity in their teams – helping their people see the big picture. I had promised one more idea though, so here it is

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Overcome workplace negativity by helping employees see the big picture

Workplace negativity is a reality! And often, unfortunately, negative people can end up in your organization or department. By far, the worst aspect of negativity though is that it’s toxic, it spreads beyond just one individual, usually to others the

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An approach to deal with negative employees

Your best employees are enthusiastic, keen and eager to learn. Think of them as sponges, thirsty for knowledge, just waiting to soak up new experiences and fresh ideas. Contrast them with the other kind of employee – you know, the

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Workplace negativity is toxic

The unfortunate truth about negative people is that their sour attitudes bring the rest of the workplace down. To combat this, a positive attitude must be “cultivated”.

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All it takes is one …

View of Manhattan from my W Hoboken hotel room A couple of weeks ago, I stayed at the uber-posh W Hotel in Hoboken NJ, directly across the river from Manhattan NY.  The W chain prides itself on being very hip,

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Strategies to deal with workplace negativity

Negative people … they’re in every workplace. As leaders, not only do you have to deal with the toxic nature of negativity in your employees, but you have to resist it yourself.

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