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Help your people get better at managing their workloads

Balance and productivity strategist Patricia Katz helps leaders reduce the impact of overload in their lives and workplaces.  As my professional colleague and friend, she agreed to guest-author today, and by doing so, she allowed me to reduce MY overload.  Thanks Pat!

As a conscious, committed, caring leader, the chances are pretty good that you’ve noticed how overwhelmed people become by life’s ongoing demands. You see how exhaustion affects them and recognize the problems it causes in your organization.  The worst thing you can do in a situation like this is to focus just on speed and efficiency. Simply pushing harder is never a long-term solution. In fact, it makes things worse

Here are three positive strategies you can use to help those you lead get a better handle on their loads.

  1. Get real about timelines and expectations. Too much planning goes on in a fact-free environment. Deadlines for new projects and initiatives are announced without input from those who actually know what it’s going to take to deliver. Consult those on the frontlines who will be charged with actually executing these plans before you set expectations and deadlines that drive them to the brink. Continue reading