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Again … here’s why the traditional performance review doesn’t work!

Earlier in January this year, the subject of one of my regular columns for The Globe & Mail was titled It’s time to get rid of the performance review.  In it, I made the case for why the “performance review”,

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Performance measurement – are you tracking the right metrics?

I have long been an advocate for performance measurement … as a way to motivate people (including myself) to get things done.  In fact, one of my leadership mantras is “What gets measured and publicized gets acted on!”  But if

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It’s time to get rid of the performance review!

Is the performance review obsolete? Is it time to ditch this archaic exercise, which takes up valuable staff hours with no apparent gain? The answer is a resounding “yes” – and I make the case for getting rid of the

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Forced ranking is a foolish idea!

A few weeks ago, my blog post titled Ranking employees on a bell curve is a stupid practice! resulted a significant number of emails arriving on my desktop. Clearly this post got your attention! The vast majority who wrote were

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Ranking employees on a bell curve is a stupid practice!

As regular readers of the blog know, I am a huge proponent of measuring performance as a way to achieve goals. In fact, I shared my own personal experience about this last year in Want to achieve your goals? The

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Mastering the performance evaluation process – live audio event on February 8

February 8: one power-packed hour; if you mentally cringe when you think about the annual performance review process, then you can’t afford to miss this! Learn in-depth tools and techniques on how to make the process perpetual and painless.

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