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Employee performance = ability X motivation

It’s necessary to assess TWO factors when trying to get at the root cause of an employee performance problem. Leadership expert Merge Gupta-Sunderji explains.

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What will it take for a rattlesnake to bite itself?

The answer might surprise you. But what may be even more surprising is the valuable lesson it offers leaders.

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How to create a high-performing work team – live audio event on November 16

November 16: one power-packed hour; learn in-depth what it takes to create high-performing teams, and even better, specific and practical tools to take your team from storming to performing.

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What’s stopping you from creating a high-functioning and high-performing work team?

Ask your questions about creating a high-performing team in the workplace of leadership expert Merge Gupta-Sunderji. PLUS test how your team is doing RIGHT NOW!

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Do you have a high-performing team?

This self-scoring workplace assessment will give you a yardstick to measure your team’s current status and a road map to track your progress to the ultimate goal – the high-performing team.

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Seek out specialized skills to solve workplace problems

A leadership lesson from the world of insects … army ants do something unusual to improve the overall success of their colony. Can we do the same?

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