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Ranking employees on a bell curve is a stupid practice!

As regular readers of the blog know, I am a huge proponent of measuring performance as a way to achieve goals. In fact, I shared my own personal experience about this last year in Want to achieve your goals? The

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Want to achieve your goals? The answer lies in performance measurement

There’s an old leadership adage – what gets measured gets done; in fact, I have long advocated an extended version – what gets measured and publicized gets acted on – which I blogged about back in November 2010.  Recently, I,

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Mastering the performance evaluation process – live audio event on February 8

February 8: one power-packed hour; if you mentally cringe when you think about the annual performance review process, then you can’t afford to miss this! Learn in-depth tools and techniques on how to make the process perpetual and painless.

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What do you hate most about the performance evaluation process?

Tell Merge what causes you the greatest frustration when it comes to the employee performance review process. What is your biggest challenge in this area? PLUS download a free how-to article.

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What gets measured and publicized gets acted on!

Yet another example (at an NHL game no less) demonstrates the value of tracking and reporting performance metrics for team motivation and productivity.

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