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A problem employee must be dealt with promptly

If you don’t deal with a problem employee swiftly and firmly, you run the risk that a few rotting leaves will ruin the whole salad.  Let me explain. Bagged salad from the grocery store is simple and convenient, so I

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Employee performance = ability X motivation

It’s necessary to assess TWO factors when trying to get at the root cause of an employee performance problem. Leadership expert Merge Gupta-Sunderji explains.

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Deal with performance problems sooner rather than later

A recent conversation with a manager in a client organization about dealing with an employee performance problem reminded me of a Mega Minute I wrote back in October 2004 titled Broken Windows and Leadership.  In it, I referred to the

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Got a problem employee? Don’t whitewash

This has been an eventful week in my world of column writing. Yesterday, my newest Profit article titled How to stay focused by managing workflow interruptions was published on, and this morning, my latest piece for The Globe &

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An (even more) important reason to take action with your problem employee

It isn’t just about improving productivity, dealing with a problem employee means greater positivity on your team as well! Merge explains.

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The (only) four reasons for employee non-performance

There are only four reasons for employee non-performance. Merge’s latest article in CGA Magazine explains further.

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