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So what is fairness anyway?

How employees perceive fairness in the workplace is very important (as this funny video about an experiment with capuchin monkeys demonstrates), but in my conversations with leaders, I make it a point to separate equality from equivalency.  This may sound

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When the policy manual is a good thing …

Last year, one of my regular columns in The Globe & Mail was titled Three reasons to ignore your company’s policy manual and in it, I made the case for being flexible in the application of company rules and policies. 

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Three reasons to ignore your policy manual

My latest Leadership Lab column for The Globe & Mail went up on their site earlier today Three reasons to ignore your company’s policy manual Yes, I know. Some of you think that this borders on blasphemy! After all, policy

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A yo-yo versus a pendulum: a metaphor for leadership

A metaphor from the world of weight management offers a lesson in leadership. Merge explains …

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Procedure manuals are worth the effort

Many people dislike creating and maintaining procedure manuals and checklists. Here’s a great real-life example of why they’re so important.

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