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If you lead a hybrid team, get better at online delivery

All year, I’ve been sharing video tips and strategies to be a better leader of your virtual or hybrid team.  Today is Strategy #20, our final tip in this video series.  And it is: to work on improving your online

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Build a stronger working relationship with your boss by tailoring your presentations

In September 2013, I wrote a series of three blog posts focused on how to build a stronger working relationship with your boss.  Specifically, I covered keeping your boss informed, learning more about his style, and finding out her objectives. 

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Taking PowerPoint presentations from hell to heaven!

Regular readers of this blog will recall that I’ve said this before – people judge you based on your writing skills. Turns out they judge you based on your PowerPoint presentations as well! If you’ve ever sat through the PowerPoint

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If you want to make an impact, prepare and practice first

Preparation and practice are critical if you want to make a business presentation that persuades and convinces. Workplace communication expert Merge Gupta-Sunderji uses her husband’s recent visit to the gym to explain.

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