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Dealing with workplace gossip – Dogs don’t bark at parked cars

An unusual Bahamian saying offers a perspective on how to deal with gossip and back-biting — a useful workplace lessons for all.

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How to communicate sensitive messages

Sometimes you will have to make decisions that will not be liked by your staff; it’s one of the responsibilities of leadership.  While you can’t avoid making unpopular decisions, there are things that you can do to help your team

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Nomophobia. Should leaders be concerned?

Nomophobia.  Ever had that moment when you’ve left the house and are on your way to your destination when you suddenly realize you left your mobile device on the hallway table, or plugged in and charging on the kitchen counter? 

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When facing difficult situations as a leader, think about the physics of flying a kite

I’ve previously blogged about how airplanes take off against the wind.  It seems counterintuitive … you would expect that it would be easier if the wind were coming from behind the aircraft, giving it a push. Yet in reality, it

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Pressure can create both diamonds and dust

I’ve previously blogged about how the situations of adversity can lead to opportunities for growth and development – about how pearls begin life as irritants and frustrations, and about how incredibly high heat can turn a simple clay pot into

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Dealing with adversity – wisdom from mom!

Dealing with adversity is a subject that I often address in my blog posts.  Two that come to mind right away are A mental approach to coping with irritants and An ageless folktale about dealing with adversity.  Here is yet

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