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How to handle employee conflict

I often blog and talk about how conflict and disagreement amongst your people is not a bad thing (Why conflict and disagreement are essential for high-performing teams and Minimizing conflict is not always a good thing) but there is a

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Dealing with employee complaints – live audio event on November 21

Nov 21: one power-packed hour; learn how to confidently and assertively address employee complaints and concerns to get at the root of the problem and result in positive outcomes.

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What is your biggest challenge when it comes to dealing effectively with employee concerns and complaints?

Ask your questions about how to deal with employee complaints and concerns. PLUS download a free article with specifics on how to deal with negativity in the workplace.

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If you have too much to do at work, help someone else

Don’t get caught up in competing to show who’s more busy. Instead, get a better outcome by offering to help. Find out how …

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