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Respond calmly by “putting a stone in your mouth”

Being able to respond calmly in the face of anger can be difficult.  A client (who is from the Nisga’a nation) recently shared with me this powerful advice from a Nisga’a elder – “Put a stone in your mouth”.  It

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“Just calm down” never works!

We’ve all done it – said “just calm down” to another person in a situation of conflict. And I’m willing to bet it’s NEVER worked. Truth be told, saying “relax” or “calm down” (or even “take a chill pill”) is

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Don’t let your anger send the wrong message to your staff and co-workers

Let’s face it, if you’re in a position of leadership, there are times when your staff (or your peers, or your boss) will do or say stupid things that will drive you nuts, enough that their actions may cause you

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How to maintain your composure? Do math!

Losing your cool can carry serious negative repercussions to your career and professional success. Here’s one specific (and unusual) way to stay calm and unflappable!

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How to maintain your composure? Know that your actions will control the outcome of any situation.

Having trouble thinking clearly and staying focused in a trying situation? Here’s a specific tip to help you maintain your composure.

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How to stay calm and composed even in the most trying situations

Every leader should know how to stay composed, positive and unflappable, even in trying moments. Here are three proven tactics.

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