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Making risky decisions: a simplified approach

By definition, there is always uncertainty in making risky decisions; after all, the old adage “no risk, no reward” holds true.  No doubt, leadership instinct and past experience play an important role in determining whether the possible reward is worth

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Compensating for Parkinson’s Law – good practice or disingenuous?

Years ago, when I was still at university, I experienced first-hand the validity and strength of Parkinson’s Law. This time-tested adage – Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion – stand true even today, as

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The key to problem solving is to define the problem first

When it comes to problem solving, leaders are apt to often leap directly to a possible solution without completely understanding exactly what the difficulty is.  After all, if you’re in a position of leadership, you probably got here because you

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Do men and women have the same approach to taking risks?

In her book Lean In, Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg encourages women to “lean in”, to “be more open to taking risks in their careers” since “being risk averse can result in stagnation.”  She suggests that women need to “overcorrect” from

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Be proactive – think like a chess grand master to avoid a “checkmate”

In chess, a checkmate occurs when a player’s king is under attack, and has no alternative plan or course of action available because every possible escape route is blocked.  At the moment of checkmate, the game is already lost, so

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Stay ready, so you don’t have to get ready

A unexpected lesson in leadership from the hip-hop (rap) culture. Really! Merge explains.

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